Coin and stamp collecting can be both an emotionally and financially rewarding pursuit. In addition, the small size of coins and stamps allows individuals to acquire extensive and highly valuable collections that are also portable and easily stored or secured. However, particularly sought-after coins and stamps may be difficult for the average collector to find and, because of retail mark-up, cost-prohibitive. 

Western Asset Reserve is located in Kapaa, Hawaii, and its experts have a wealth of experience with rare coins and stamps and are able to acquire highly collectible and extremely valuable pieces for their clients. Recent pieces have included items such as an 1883-S U.S. Morgan Dollar Coin, a Pennsylvania Half-Crown Colonial Note issued in 1773, and a 1954 Pennsylvania Railroad Company Stock Certificate. With auction listings as diverse as this, it is a valuable source for any coin and stamp enthusiast looking to add to their collections. 

In addition to stamps and coins, Western Asset Reserve acquires a variety of rare investment pieces, including artwork, timepieces, jewelry and gemstones. Auctions are hosted at and Collectors who want more information can visit the main website at